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Airport Show 2024 Dubai UAE

Accelerating business and innovation for future airports
Date:24 – 26 May 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Center

Taking advantage of adapting spirit accounting to the changing nature worldwide, the Airport Show team comes into being a new virtual experience that will appear on May 24-26 2019. This innovative all-digital event is dedicated to enhancing connectivity among our community. In this place, we can discuss emerging economic environments and actively shape the future ‘new normal’ with official support from authorities in the UAE.

We have made a critical decision through extensive conversations with renowned clients worldwide and based on insights from carefully conducted market research by our regional partners. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions across the globe, for safety and foresight reasons, we are sorry to announce that this year’s traditional Airport Show, previously scheduled in October 2024, has been canceled.

This tactical change embodies the spirit of flexibility and perseverance in response to unpredictable occurrences. May 2024 will feature a digital-only event, which is an opening that hints at the future of airport innovation and collaboration. The possibility to be held later will be a momentous occasion in which we meet physically using the basis laid at the digital showcase.

We are committed to building engagement conversations and industry conversations and changing aviation development. Along with our community, we will embark on new ventures inspiring that the Airport Show remains a symbol of innovation and cooperation as aviation nurturers.

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