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Automechanika Dubai 2024 UAE

International Exhibition for the Automotive Service Industry
Date:14 – 16 December 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Center

After the Dubai government had decided to inoculate 70% of the population with its emirate against COVID-19 by December 2021, Auto Mechanika Dicky has changed from date and venue as a result. The show is projected to be held in Dubai through the World Trade Centre from Tuesday (December generality) – through Friday minus June. This strategy correlates with the government’s determination to provide a secure and safe environment for every member of this event.

The postponed event is a major windfall for global automotive stakeholders as they have adequate time to revise their strategies towards the year 2024. Auto Mechanika Dubai 2024 is aimed at presenting numerous new and emerging features, thereby enabling professionals from the industry to keep up-to-date with all recent market ventures.

Show Director Mahmut Gazi Bilikozen relished the prospect of gathering all segments together in a safe setting while stressing that its team is hardworking on exciting new show offerings further to preserve favorite accents. In turn, the exhibit floor is anticipated to comprise leading figures of the automotive industry, which will expose visitors to all the latest technologies and innovations.

The new dates also align with Expo 2024 Dubai, a grand international event scheduled to welcome more than 25 million visitors, most of whom would be non-UAE residents. The slogan of Expo 2024 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” which matches perfectly with Auto Mechanika Dubai as exhibitors and attendees have a chance to visit country pavilions and special features in this weeklong mega event.

Moving the event to December follows UAE’s strict COVID-19 safety protocols and adheres to them fully. This leads to a safer environment for an indoor event because it can encourage more people to be physically involved and generate confidence among participants.

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