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DDTE 2024 Dubai UAE

Date:Probably March 2024
Venue:Dubai, UAE

Welcome to DDTE, a unique meeting and exhibition designed specifically for the booming beverage sector in MENA comprising the Middle East and North Africa. DDTE allows suppliers and manufacturers to enhance their visibility in markets of tremendous potential, such as the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia.

In its newest edition, DDTE has recently built on this legacy by creating valuable relationships between local operators from beverage plants across the Middle East region and innovative suppliers. Since its establishment in 2008, DDTE has become a place where operators from across the Middle East and Africa, with parts of the Mediterranean and Asia, gather.

Please take advantage of our dynamic beverage industry at DDTE, where it becomes easy to establish, work, and grow. Join this active community and discover new opportunities for your business. You will not have another chance to lead the trends in the industry, build meaningful relationships, and create a recent history of beverages in this region.

DDTE is a show and an immersion that will drive your business to unprecedented levels. Please take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your innovativeness, interact with the leaders in the industry, and glean from their ideas that will determine how success should be. To be a source of positive change in the MENA beverage industry, we invite you to come and work with us at DDTE.

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