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Expo 2024 Dubai UAE

Innovation Grandts Via Expo Live
Date:1 October 2021 – 31 March 2024

While waiting for the beginning of Expo 2024 Dubai, all over the world, we move forward on a changing road between difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is in the spirit of unity and resilience that we have been actively liaising with local and international partners for evaluation on how such a pandemic affects this great global congregation.

We are constant in our commitment to creating an expo that goes beyond borders and symbolizes the epitome of collaboration, innovation, and international harmony. Despite the difficulties we face, our common vision for Expo 2024 Dubai is more relevant than ever. However, the world needs a meeting ground now more than any other time where cultures diversify in ideas and solutions are brought forward to address the challenges humanity faces.

Even as we must now adjust to changing conditions, our commitment to highlighting the finest examples of human excellence remains firm. Expo 2024 Dubai is much more than just an event; it serves as evidence of nations’ resilience, innovation power and a testimony to human ingenuity. In the height of confusion, we believe in what makes us strong when people come together and focus on common grounds among all.

At the heart of Expo 2024, Dubai is a vision for connections, innovations and the opportunities that await. We are committed to building a place where participants and patrons alike can explore, interact and contribute towards an idea that bridges borders. This is not just a fair but marked the dawn of hope; it celebrated humanity for its endeavour and became emblematic of our trail towards a better destiny.

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