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GISEC 2024 Dubai UAE

The global platform for accelerating sustainable development
Date:31 May – 2 June 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

As a pioneer in cybersecurity excellence, GISEC has emerged as the ultimate show of innovation, inclusivity and size, unlike anything else in our region. The 7th edition of the GISEC has become a permanent fixture in its triumphant success, not only as a premier event but also as being known to be the largest gathering of events like this in the region.

With over 8,500 attendees dedicated to cyber professionals, more than 13 thousand people, and the Future Blockchain Summit after co-location, it draws significant power. This meeting point of cybersecurity and blockchain as twin features characterizing cyberspace generates an exciting environment where thoughts expand and innovativeness happens.

Influenced by a leading Advisory Board that includes senior members of Dubai Digital Security, Centre, Police, and Smart Croatia, GISEC has become more than an event; it is about the originators securing digital environments. It directly addresses global cybersecurity challenges and directly attracts decision-makers from over 200 government agencies and major corporations in the Middle East.

In such a realm of advanced technologies and dynamic threats, GISEC becomes the lighthouse that shows a way to secure a digital future. In such a forum, participants engage in the newest developments, offer comments and create networks that cross boundaries. Come to GISEC, where ambition meets action, diversity fuels creativity, and the reach of potentiality has no limits. It is not just holding a conference; it is the centre of the cybersecurity revolution in the Middle East.

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