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GSMA Mobile 360 Series MENA 2024

Conference for business leaders in MENA
Date:25 June 2024

GSMA Mobile 360 MENA is an impressive example of the productive relationship between mobile operators, tech companies, and government bodies in the area, along with their continued investments in technologies, including AI and blockchain. The rapid and far-reaching transformation experienced in the MENA region has launched it onto the world map, making it a leading hub where new technological trends and innovation are applied.

This inaugural event celebrates the ground-breaking accomplishments in MENA. This arena houses some unique speakers set to give keynote addresses, participate in panel discussions, and much more.

Senior-level public figures from the region and beyond across regions representing operators, governments, international brands, and a myriad of sectors come together during GSMA Mobile 360 MENA to analyze socioeconomic implications that result from years of commitment to shedding new technologies and innovation. TMN brings together these visionary leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa to discuss how promising technologies like 5G, AI, blockchain, etc., are empowering governments and operators with new goals – leading socioeconomic progress down a stunning path of self-development. It acts as a hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing, informing the discussion on how these technologies can be used effectively to fuel positive change in MENA, which would drive what remains of the third industrial wave.

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