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IAA Human in Space Symposium 2024 Dubai UAE

The Most International Agriculture Industry Exhibition
Date:11 – 14 NOVEMBER 2024

Dubai Design District


Prepare to witness an extraordinary event at the Amway Leadership Seminar in Dubai marked by the vibrancy of APAC and theme RISE! which will be a historical celebration gathering successful individuals, leaders, and high achievers from 11 countries Partners.

As we celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Amway, a trip takes us back to 1959 in America. This landmark symbolizes six decades of steadfast dedication to quality, ingenuity, and motivating people to attain their aspirations. Amway – the world-known supplier of high-quality health, beauty, and healthcare products, has always been able to meet its customers’ needs. With the help of other companies under Alticor, Amway announced a global annual sales revenue figure of 8.8 billion in 2022.

The “RISE!” seminar promises an inspiring and energetic itinerary for attendees who have achieved their goals and earned the right to attend this elite meeting. Visualize the luxurious opportunity of listening to world-class motivational speakers who guarantee better efficiency and breakthroughs in your business. Connect with the organization’s leadership and learn valuable insights that can help boost your effectiveness as a leader.

This is not just a move to advance in the professional sphere but an opportunity to establish friendships with peers from different backgrounds and cultures throughout the APAC region. Amway’s journey is reflected in the lively city of Dubai, where this celebration takes place to celebrate such a significant event.

Minor celebrations take place outside the conference room, with a number of thrilling activities that represent Amway’s vibrancy. Whether soaking in Dubai’s rich culture, team building activities, or absorbing celebratory ambiance, every minute will add to a lifetime memory.

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