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Innovation Arabia 2024 Dubai UAE

Economic growth and development

22 – 24 February 2024

Venue:Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE
CPHI Middle East Saudi Arabia

In the dynamic nature of worldwide economic systems, GCC states and Arab countries invest in research innovation as part of their economic development measures. As illustrated by the Innovation Arabia Conference 2022, innovation is central to competitiveness and sustainability in these regions.

Being aware of the urgent drive for innovation, this conference will push Arab countries towards breakthrough development. Innovative practices are necessary and an opportunity to start a new age of prosperity. This development is contingent upon the strategic production of a creative class and society entire of innovations, which stands in place to remodel markets into flourishing economies over several decades.

The Internet of Things (IoT), a revolutionary technology with far-reaching implications for the individual and business world, forms an integral part of this transformative adventure. The conference will explore the vast impacts of IoT on the industrial revolution and development, leading to a world where interconnected devices change societies.

However, by attending the Innovation Arabia Conference, you are not merely a part of the audience but become an active participant in this transforming conversation. Help us discover how innovation can influence the economic fate of Arab states and implement IoT as a driving force for development. Together, let us plan a path for sustainable growth, technological innovation, and the economic prosperity of the Arab world.


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