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InterSolar Middle East 2024 Dubai UAE

The largest gathering of solar and renewable energy industry
Date:14 – 16 June 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Center Dubai, UAE

The Intersolar Middle East 2024 promises to open MENA’s sustainable energy future!

Set off on a transformative journey with MENA’s most developed solar system. At the apex of its trajectory, the Intersolar Middle East draws you to join in on where solar destiny is set within MENA by becoming the most potent photovoltaic event. As we discuss the Global Market Outlook for Solar Energy, a major publication by SolarPower Europe, expect to follow through on your expectations of obtaining a deep understanding of market trends and developmental aspects determining the industry’s evolution in the next five years.

Ntersolar is the meeting point of visionaries and leaders from various fields coming together to shape energy tomorrow. Here, manufacturers and investors form vital links; innovation thrives. Intersolar symbols stay competitive and understand industry dynamics, whether in Munich, São Paulo, San Diego, Mumbai, or Mexico City while at Dubia. This year’s version focuses on the sub-Saharan Africa region. It offers an initial analysis of how global solar energy reacted to challenges COVID-19 sent shared between Intersolar Europe and the International Solar Council.

Entering into an unparalleled partnership, Intersolar and Middle East Energy (MEE) – the top energy exhibition of their type – will reveal a breathtaking renewables and storage gala at MEE 2024. MEE’s Renewables and Energy Storage segment results in the most significant gathering of renewable energy experts from the Middle East and Africa. It provides a trading platform for global manufacturers and suppliers interested in networks with regional buyers. This event goes beyond the mere exhibition of commodities and goods.

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