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Maritime Academic Conference 2024 Dubai UAE

The first regional maritime event of its kind
Date:Probably October 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Center

Welcome to MARACAD, the ground-breaking regional conference focused on molding the future of maritime education and training. We are determined to promote a constructive conversation and shape dynamic strategic partnerships to take the marine industry into a new realm. In MARACAD, we acknowledge the central role that maritime education occupies as a foundation of all-rounded development.

Distinguished speakers focusing on the social component of maritime activities will be crucial features at our conference. Our goal is to target pertinent challenges and opportunities that face the industry as it seeks congruence with IMO’s set agenda. MARACAD is not just an activity; it’s a unique meeting place for regional and global agencies, businesses, training systems, classification societies, ship suppliers, port companies, oil and gas industry representatives, maritime officers, shipping corporations, etc. marine, marine-related fields.

Our stand contractors and designers are set to redefine your brands, services, or products with a new look at this show. It is a platform to display creativity and quality in the maritime sector. MARACAD is the lighthouse of regional maritime endeavors consisting of building productive relationships and robust strategic partnerships. Collectively, we seek to improve the quality of marine education and training, helping optimal investments line up with comprehensive development goals.

At MARACAD, we set out to define the next generation of maritime education that embraces unity and sustainability elements. It’s an investment in your brand and a pledge to move maritime forward as an industry.

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