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Middle East Call Center 2024 Dubai UAE

Strategy-Led & Technology-Infused Business Enhancement
Date:21 – 22 June 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

At Standsbay, we offer comprehensive solutions that will transform your Middle East call center into a strategic asset to drive success within your organization. Our commitment to continuously improving the processes will help you reduce your operating costs by a significant amount and turn your call center into an adorable, effective machine.

At Standsbay, we ensure that our services are strategically designed to improve customer loyalty and advocacy measures, increasing benefits for small businesses. We focus on developing the appropriate purchasing behavior in your customers, creating lasting relationships that exceed mere transactions.

Another of our strengths is offering new technology and innovation that provide a moderate return on investment. We know the fluid terrain in the Middle East market and adjust our programs to accelerate your organization’s growth. Thanks to Exporoad, your call center will always be the flag of innovations and technological development in the industry.

Our purpose is to overwhelm your senior supervisors with the success of your call centers, such as customer relations or sales winnings. Our strength lies in targeted initiatives that coincide with your business goals and make your telephone center an integral part of the competitive Middle East market.

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