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Middle East Electricity 2024 Dubai UAE

The International fair for energy industry in Dubai
Date:14 – 16 June 2024

The AllSecure health and safety standard ensure that at MEE Live 2024 the present furniture is fanciful organized. Being the global leader in event management, Informa has adopted sophisticated measures to achieve complete sanitation and safety. It means that the participants can start their MEE trip and to be sure they are involved in a safe setup managed by professionals.

Innovative Hybrid Format: Being a dynamic hybrid form, MEE 2024 combines both online and in-class elements. At the same time, a detailed schedule of activities and sessions unrolls to reveal new developments in the sector with market projections as well post-Covid 19 forecast.

Middle East Energy’s Hybrid Model: The Middle East Energy, which has a history dating back to four decades ago, played the key role of enabling growth for infrastructure development, real estate and trade in this region. The event launches a new state-of-the -art hybrid model Comprised of four focused online market months. These months will be marked by networking and conference activities leading up to the crescendo – flagship live event at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With this innovative approach, networking opportunities are optimized and communication flows efficiently to create the ultimate experience.

Exploration of New Frontiers: New product zones and industry sectors shall be discovered at MEE 2024. Delegates will have access to view the latest innovations and trends driving change in energy sector. The event becomes the indicator signaling industry professionals on which way to go in a fast-changing environment.

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