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Middle East Iron 2024 Dubai UAE

Conference on iron and steel materials
Date:14 – 17 December 2024

In the Middle East steel industry, this digital-only show signifies a grand meeting – The MEISC 2024. This ultimate metal destination takes your steel experience to another level via this virtual event.

As the largest regional annual steel gathering, MEIS Unicoil has always been prided as “The Steel Event of The Middle East,” more recently, we are bringing all things that constitute the globalized world of steel directly to your conference hall.

What distinguishes MEIS Unicoil as exceptional, however, is its reputation for being “the best networking event in the region.” This virtual edition pledges to keep this tradition alive by offering an excellent opportunity to meet peers from the industry and clients worldwide. With the world turning digital, this one-stop shop for all your steel demands becomes more available.

Emirates Metal is glad to participate in this leading event. We invite you to take this journey with us as we navigate through the recent developments and learn new things about what has become a global steel industry.

Do not miss this opportunity to be part of a revolutionary experience that crosses boundaries and connects the world’s steel community. The MEIS Unicoil 2024 is not only a conference but an immersion in the digital reality of the steel industry. Let’s form new partnerships, disseminate information, and give metal a direction!

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