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Mother Baby & Child Show 2024 Dubai UAE

The Middle East’s comprehensive exhibition for the nursery
Date:Probably 2024
Venue:Dubai International Marine Club, Dubai, UAE

Step into a world of unlimited opportunities with MBC 2024, the international show for the nursery industry in the Middle East region. Following in the footsteps of last year’s event that hosted a little over 18,00 people as visitors, MBC has something more in store for its participants. However, with the region’s growing population and amounts invested in children’s children’s products and education, this year, ar’s show appears to be much bigger than before. the

The MBC Show goes the extra mile by providing a dynamic and participatory environment that merges an exhibition, marketplace, and meeting space placeable under one roof specifically for families.

Find a wide selection of exhibitors, ranging from small but innovative companies to established international brands and chain stores. MBC is a dynamic and immersive interface providing baby product manufacturers and suppliers with opportunities to meet potential customers or investors.

While attending MBC, visitors can visit various high-quality brands that offer their customers the best products at excellent prices. You are greeted with free coupons and samples, which creates a fun shopping atmosphere for the mothers and their families. Children will be even more excited because their favourite characters are present which is a perfect addition to the event.

MBC 2024 will be more than just a spree for parents and professionals. Participants can attend enlightening seminars about child protection and growth, which practitioners run. The event is product-centred but goes beyond to accommodate all the requirements and likes of families.

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