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Pharmaceutical & Technology 2024 Dubai UAE

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event
Date:05 – 07 April 2024
Venue:International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

Pharmaceutical and Technological Innovation 2024 Dubai UAE is set to be an innovative conference with a timely scientific program that will address the changing requirements of pharmacists, industry professionals in medicine, marketers as well as researchers and professors, biochemistry scientists, clinicians, students and other high medical staff. Drawing on the success of earlier versions, this event is predicted to be one of the most desirable international meetings in its field.

Pharmaceutical & Technological Innovation 2024 will hold an intensive scientific program that provides first-rate learning options. The activities that participants can participate in are Pharmacy Workshops and, managerial skills training, science demonstrations presented at the concurrent conference theme, where they know how drugs work and learn about the latest technical developments within pharmaceutics. The professional student and faculty poster sessions will offer further aspects of the event, strengthening information sharing and networking.

The conference will feature the latest pharmaceutical innovations and trends as regional multinational pharmaceutical companies take control centre stage at an exhibition. That is why this platform will showcase the industry’s successes and become a centre for networking and partnership.

Schools in Dubai have also been active partners in health shows and cultural activities, reflecting how the community values wellness. A vital component of this ethos is consonant with the objectives associated with Pharmaceutical & Technological Innovation 2024, in which professionals and experts gather to share findings and propel advancements in pharmacy practice and aspects of pharmaceutical science.

The role of international sponsors and experts will be crucial in promoting a global scope for the conference. The transmission of knowledge and sharing will bolster the image of Pharmaceutical & Technological Innovation 2024 as a worldwide figure in the pharmacology conference.

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