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SMAP Expo 2024 Dhabi UAE

The Moroccan Real Estate and Lifestyle Show in Dubaï
Date:30 November – 02 December 2024
Venue:Abu Dhabi, UAE

SMAP Group, the undisputed leader in event technology in Morocco, has been at the forefront of innovation by focusing its expertise on two key areas that address significant demands: Two concepts, “SMAP EXPO” and “SMAP IMMO”, have earned popularity among exhibitors, media representatives, and visitors.

Since 1997, “SMAP EXPO” has been involving the Moroccan diaspora and their friends in Paris. It highlights some important industries of the Kingdom such as industry, property business, tourism and culture in addition to living art. For over three decades, SMAP Group has acted as an essential gateway to contacts beyond Morocco enabling the country have a stake in France and Europe. Through big gatherings, SMAP Group has helped the emergence of a modern culture between Morocco and the European Union based on partners in Morocco and its diaspora as agents that rely to social media channels communications mediums.

The activities that SMAP IMMO undertakes include organizing cultural, economic and industrial conferences. Its annual success stories owe to the commitment towards quality during both design and execution aswell possesses a big network of partners within in institutional governmental structures including private institutions. The team has long-term strategies that will focus on public information and ease, helping the exhibitors as well or making their relation with media better. However, its main objective still is to establish distinctive events in exclusive settings.

Thus, SMAP Group remains an important contributor to the development of real estate and retains a leading position in Morocco’s event and technology sector.

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