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Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show 2024 Sharjah UAE

The Middle East's Premier Exhibition for Watches & Jewellery
Date:05 – 09 October 2024
Venue:Expo Centre Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show, in the precious tapestry of the history of the acclaimed jewellery market landscape in the Middle East region, is considered a milestone towards unparalleled success. Since it was first held in 1993, this top-class exhibition has become an integral part of the jewellery and a flagship Expo Centre Sof Harjah event. For all 46 editions, the show gradually evolved from its humble first beginnings with just a few exhibitors to being an internationally renowned spectacle featuring only exclusive and diverse professional jewellers from different parts of the world.

The distinctive feature of the Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show is that with each passing year, it enthrals and captivates. The ominous attraction of this show is simply breathtaking, with an array of magnificent prizes, which include lavish cars and unique diamond bracelets. These highly coveted rewards provide some thrill and emphasize the event’s desire to applaud superiority in world jewellery.

A highlight is the only public show of a truly unique fine jewellery piece—the most significant gold ring displayed in this remarkable exhibition that treasures mastery and brilliant ideas. This larger-than-life display represents a cypher capable of signalling the commitment to breaking barriers and setting new grounds in grandiosity.

As we investigate Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show’s dazzling history, it is clear that the journey was one of progression, innovation and unwavering passion for perfection. This small event became an international sensation, bringing together the best of jewellery wizards. The consistency of delivering an unmatched experience in the industry has made it a must-attend event for professionals, fans, and connoisseurs.

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