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CMS Berlin 2025

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event
Date:23 Sep – 26 Sep 2025
Venue:Berlin, Germany
CMS berlin

Be part of the broader CMS Berlin cleanliness and hygiene family that will be taking place from September 23 to 26, 2025, at Messe Berlin, Germany. This 4-day exhibition is a complete show of items ranging from advanced technologies in the cleaning industry to

Discover a wide variety of cleaning products, from traditional cleaning liquid solutions, buffers, and squeegees to modern institutions of carpet cleaning such as vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, and sunshiny weather; utilize these items to attract new customers. Shop for the latest mess removers and stain fighters, such as brooms, dishwashing detergent, lint rollers, grout and stain removal products, dishwashing liquids, toilet bowl cleaners, and more.

Our exhibitions focus mainly on vacuum cleaners, vinegar-based solutions, detergent items, scrub brushes, and toilet brushes. Vacuum cleaners require the suction collected to separate the soiled particles from the floor, while vinegar-based solutions require strong acidic properties for effective cleaning. In our exhibition, we also demonstrate laundry detergents that improve the appearance and softness of our. Since you are a professional or a newcomer, this expo will enable you to be up to date with the industry and for you to create strategic partners.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be part of the CMS Berlin 2025. Book the best stands for you in Berlin with the top suppliers and allow your brand to be in the spotlight as the frontrunner of innovative solutions in cleaning and hygiene. Let’s do it together and demonstrate your products to the audience from all over the world.

Some of the Reasons that will Convince you to Participate in CMS Berlin 2025:

  1. Leading Cleaning and Hygiene Expo: The prestigious CMS Berlin 2025 is the leading fair for cleaning and hygiene in Europe, so it inevitably becomes an event that professionals in the field cannot miss.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Take advantage of b2b meetings, networking with industry experts, and the worth of this occasion. The event helps you in creating a network that will grow your business.
  3. Hub of Innovations and Trends: The forthcoming CMS Berlin 2025 will set the stage for groundbreaking introductions, key market metrics, and the latest cleaning and hygiene industry developments. Keep up-to-date with the rapid pace by thoroughly understanding the industry developments.
  4. Focus on Key Topics: Sustainability, digitalization, and innovations are the themes, and trade fair conferences allow exhibitors to explore the crucial issues driving the industry.
  5. Comprehensive Product and Service Coverage: It is the one-and-only trade show that covers the whole of chemicals, technology and waste management, i.e. the whole spectrum of the cleaning industry, and hence, CMS Berlin 2025 offers the exhibitors exposure to the merchants of different countries, specializing in different products and services.
  6. Global Presence: As a gate to the high-volume European market here in CMS Berlin 2025, an attendance of 25,000+ visitors from over 80 countries is expected. Get more and more international connections to enhance your business coverage.

CMS Berlin 2025 is not just a chance to market your products and services but also a smart thing to do to be updated, network with dominating industry players and stay relevant in a competitive environment.

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