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Food Ingredients Europe 2024

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event

19 Nov – 21 Nov 2024

Venue:Frankfurt, Germany

Are you game for a breakthrough at the European summit in Frankfurt at Fi Europe & Hi in 2024? Make your presence count and enthrall your visitors by thoroughly projecting the high-end quality of your exhibition stand that will only be made possible by the industry’s finest professionals in Frankfurt.
Since over 90% of the exhibitors cannot underestimate the importance of this trade show in business promotion, the exhibitors will need more attractive stands, quality production, and an outstanding sales approach. Boasting expertise in the specialized art of creating custom-made stand-ups just for your brand, distinguishing features, and your business goals, our team stands out.
At the Fi Europe 2024, you’ll exhibit the most up-to-date innovations in the food and health ingredients sector and enjoy the chance to showcase and present your products and services. Ranging from nutrition for algae to amino acids, antioxidants to aromas, and everything in between, our exhibition stands to become your perfect sales and marketing platform, and we guarantee you to engage with the specialists in the industry.
Regardless if technology starts to narrate about new bioactives or if the microcosm of cacao and chocolate is displayed, our stands are sure to fascinate and engage attendees. We care a lot about minutia and reproduce things flawlessly. When it comes to the exposition stand, you will find that it is just different.
We boast of holistic tailor-made services that cover the whole spectrum from the stage of concepts to installation and the stage afterward. We realize that experience should not only be smooth and involving, but your audience needs to feel it too, so our team is here to help you make your story real, going back to the vision.
Take this chance to create a lasting experiential marketing legacy in the midst of Fi Europe and Hi 2024. Start your business cooperation with top pros in the installation of the exhibition stands in Frankfurt and soar your presence to new heights. Let’s join hands to ensure this event becomes a sweep of information for your brand.

Some of the key Reasons for exhibiting at Fi Europe 2024 Frankfurt:

The possibilities that our firm can avail themselves of at Fi Europe 2024 in Frankfurt within the horizon of the health ingredients, food, and beverages industry are absolutely boundless. Here are some compelling reasons why participation in this event can elevate your business to new heights: Here are some compelling reasons why participation in this event can elevate your business to new heights:

Comprehensive Industry Coverage: Fi Europe sees the current stage as an opportunity to curate the industry leaders of health ingredients, food, and beverages by recommending all those events that are of the present and future. Whether you are an experienced player, just a budding entrepreneur, or simply curious, it presents merits enough to catapult your business to the next level.

Strategic Networking: In exhibiting, the opportunities to connect with an equally wide breadth of potential buyers and industry collaborators are given. Creating new business connections and supporting end users through stakeholder outreach processes can lead to mutual trust and future commitments.

High Purchasing Power: Attendees of Fi Europe have a great reputation, with 78% of them being consumers with considerable buying forces. Hence, the show is an ideal time to showcase your cutting-edge products. Going a step further by being physically present on the exhibition floor and meeting with decision-makers will always result in some business results, such as higher sales, with most of the time will be increased profits.

Product Promotion and Launches: By creating or announcing new products at the top platform of the food industry (Fi Europe), you can excellently increase your product reputation and recognition. By taking advantage of the ridiculously big and impressive coverage and outreach of the event, your advertisement will be boosted, which in turn will aid your business in getting higher levels of traffic and thus succeed.

International Exposure: Through more than 24,000 visitors from 130 countries, this trade show provides a chance to gain extensive connections with representatives of companies all around the world. Extending the scope and running the show of the business globally by interacting with new international stakeholders contributes to the new sphere and rise of the business in the market.

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