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IDS Cologne 2025

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event
Date:25 Mar – 29 Mar  2025
Venue:Cologne, Germany
ids exhibition Cologne

Be immersed in the world of tomorrow’s dentistry at IDS Cologne 2025, the prime event for the dental community. From March 25 to 29, 2025, Cologne will host this fair to demonstrate sustainable solutions and innovation and provide market trends. It will be a platform for dentistry experts to keep themselves informed about the industry 

Beyond IDS Colgone 2025 is a complete bibliography of industry trends, new products, best practices and the latest study results. Three hundred and thirty-three booths in 59 countries and over 23,000 visitors from 114 countries make this event the centre for networking and the showcase of new achievements in dentistry.

In case you cannot attend IDS Cologne personally, no worries! Connect to the platform using our online application, IDSconnect. Use modern dentistry, join in with the discourses with the experts and be up-to-date with dental research and developments.

Don’t hesitate to secure an exhibition stand to participate in IDS 2025 in Cologne. More quickly and efficiently, just post your enquiry regarding exhibition booth design on Standsbay.com, and within 15 minutes, gain quotations from the top 5 exhibition stand builders in Cologne. Do not lose the chance to join the dental business trends in future events – IDS Cologne 2025.

Benefits of Participating at IDS 2025 Cologne

Participating in IDS 2025 Cologne offers numerous advantages:

  1. Global Visibility: International acceptance and recognition will be obtained by being attached to IDS 2025 in Cologne, Germany. The main event will include some of the most recognizable dental experts, suppliers, and stakeholders from all around the world, thereby creating an international scene to spotlight your brand.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Link up with top stakeholders in the dental market, for instance, dental professionals from the specialized treatment, dental specialists, educators, and the political sector. This occasion fosters meaningful encounters, allowing you to network with important people in the industry who may help create that business alliance you have been looking for.
  3. Targeted Audience: IDS attends to a highly focused group of people comprised of 80% of users who actively participate in buying and procurement. Through this particular demographic, you can be the entity to reach a key contributor in influencing dental sector purchasing habits.
  4. Showcase Products and Services: Introduce your goods and services to an audience interested in learning more about what you have. The exhibition allows you to make compelling demonstrations of your innovations, giving potential clients and partners an authentic feel of the depth of the roles your brand plays in the dental marketplace.
  5. Brand Credibility: IDS 2025 boosts your credibility within the dentist community as such. Your participation in IDS, an internationally acclaimed event, makes your image more outstanding and innovative in attracting the attention of the dental industry.
  6. Business Expansion: Seek opportunities for business expansion by tapping new markets and implementing realistic strategies in the global dental environment. Investment diversification and scale-up strategy help IDS gain new customers.
  7. Educational Opportunities: Take advantage of the technical part of IDS, e.g., seminars, workshops, and presentations. Ensure that you remain abreast of the latest research, technological advances, and best practices that improve your dental team’s knowledge and skill base in a dynamic dental setup.


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