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Shishamesse 2024 Frankfurt

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event

26 Apr – 28 Apr 2024

Venue:Frankfurt, Germany

Don’t miss out on ShishaMesse 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany! April is shisha month, the period between the 26th and 28th of this month, and industry players from across the globe will meet at the just-an-event. Get familiar with tobacco, water pipes, and accessories currently in fashion and communicate with the industry leaders who know all the insiders. Try your hand at unique- themed hookah bar utilities and explore the newest trends in shisha. Moreover, because it will be co-existing with an expo of the hemps based companies and agricultural sector, you will get an advantage of gaining insights from the related industry. Take this chance to explore the impressive variety of shisha mastery! Your shisha journey begins now!

Benefits of Participating in Shishamesse 2024 Frankfurt Expo

The Shishamesse Expo Germany 2024 brings with it the potential to help any business seeking to penetrate further into the vast global market while at the same time aiming at increased sales.

Networking Opportunities: While you will be able to be part of Shishamesse 2024, the main tip for you will be the chance to network with people who are in the same field as you. One-on-one interactions during exhibitions with exhibitors, potential clients, and industry professionals can help you create a network of working contacts, which later on may transform into business cooperation, deals, or partnerships.

Building a Comprehensive Visitor Database: The expo allows us to collect relevant data and construct a customer database to deliver information to our visitors across multiple channels. Such a database can be a great help to marketers when the targeted marketing approaches are in place. Here marketers have the liberty to modify their marketing ways in such a way that it is in alignment with the demographic and segmented needs of their market niche.

Access to Media Specialists: Shishamesse 2024 will make your brand visible and build a reputation for you with such media specialists providing their expertise. Sitting down with sundry experts will ensure you get extensive media coverage across the globe or within a given locality that will be influential and greatly enhance your brand’s image.

Collaboration with Detailers: Exhibitors can present for the fair specialists who give information and expertise directly. Moreover, specialists can produce ideas about the most efficient product display and marketing strategy. They could also come as a savior when you try to revise, personalize, and improve your marketing campaigns that are solely responsible for the trend of sales and brand image.

Unique Trade Show Stand Design: The single most critical factor that needs to be considered in an expo setting is being noticed over the huddled crowd. Through the partnership with the exhibition booth builder in Frankfurt, it is possible to have a well-constructed and innovative trade show stand design that makes a great impact on the visitors, who could even recall you still a long time after the event.


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