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Project Qatar Expo 2024

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event
Date:27 – 30  May 2024
Venue:Doha, Qatar
praject qatar 2024

Learn about the latest in construction technology and innovative materials, which are so popular among construction professionals, during the exhibition Project Qatar 2024, which is going to be held from May 27 to 30, 2024, in Doha. This exclusive international event serves as a landmark for market leaders, top buyers, and industry lovers alike, who will have an opportunity to showcase and learn new trends.

Plunge into the world of innovations and use it yourself, being up to date with the newest technological advancements. Project Qatar Exhibition for the year 2024 is not only a platform; it is a creative avenue that acts as a meeting point for industry and market leaders who have impressive trade capacities. We believe that this edition is a great unifying platform that will be suitable for inviting investors, sellers, and key construction players in Qatar.

Brainstorm special sites for an escalated local tour, an international family day, and a cohesive international effort in the growing real estate market. Project Qatar 2024, the major aim of which is to exhibition contemporary construction technologies as well as equipment. The attendees will have the rare privilege of being informed of the recent advancements in technology, networking globally and starting new business relationships.

Thus, the show takes a central role in Qatar’s international business portfolio, attracting many businesses from all over the world to Doha. Through this, experts and top managers from the industry get connected. This, in turn, helps bring small and large-scale business deals and collaboration that are truly important. Join us in Project Qatar 2024, where innovation, cooperation and business achievement form one for the development of the construction market. Let’s join the emerging technology landscape and international industry together to explore, connect and take our industry to the next level.

Benefits of Participating in Project Qatar 2024 Doha

  1. Unlock Networking Opportunities: Get access to more than 300 exhibitors who specialise in a wide range of industries, forming a great basis for the development of joint projects and brainstorming. Develop a professional network beyond the borders, which is dynamic and unique.
  2. Stay Updated with Innovative Learning: Throw yourself into the midst of the most innovative products in construction technology and building materials. The show Project Qatar 2024 brings an excellent opportunity to study the latest developments and modern approaches with a diverse group of exhibitors.
  3. Reach Diverse Audiences: Create a stunning display of your trade show booth in Qatar for the largest convention of the year to get over 18 thousand audiences from different business fields. Be proud to demonstrate what your company does, what it offers, and what innovation it is in a wide and diverse environment.
  4. Expand Internationally: Go beyond the local area, providing opportunities for not only the local people but also people from over 31 different countries visiting during Project Qatar 2024. Mingle with experts and decision-makers from the cultural and business sectors coming from diverse backgrounds, thus building international networks and working partnerships.
  5. Explore Market Expansion: Participate in this expo so you can get into new markets to get your start. Network and chat with customers and exhibitors from other nations in search of opportunities for market development and penetration of new markets.
  6. Enhance Brand Visibility: Get noticed with a stand-out exhibition stand at Project Qatar’24, where you get a very big crowd of participants and potential clients to make their minds up about your brand.
  7. Participate in Knowledge Sharing: Besides the exposition, seminars, workshops, and discussions take place during the event. Get a better understanding of the industry experts and be able to share ideas as well as information on cutting-edge practices in the building industry.
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