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Middle East Poultry Expo 2024

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event
Date:13- 15 May 2024
Venue:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the Poultry Expo Riyadh 2024 – a leading event aimed at developing and advancing the poultry sector! For three days from May 13 to 15, 2024, the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center morphs into an innovation, investment, and knowledge exchange hub housing the largest meat and poultry product consumers’ expo in the Middle East.

Opening Doors for Investment and Advancement

Poultry Expo Riyadh 2024 is much more than an exhibition – it’s a vibrant platform intended to increase investments in the poultry sector. The event gathers local and foreign investors with industry experts to determine and implement national policy on food security. The strategic intervention will catalyze growth, promote partnerships, and pave the way for a sustainable poultry industry.

Beyond Poultry: Present Diversified Industries

This event looks beyond poultry production into the whole industry ecosystem. Along with the Poultry Exhibition 2024, exhibitions related to Animal Nutrition, Health, and the Middle East Exhibition for Feed and Mills will take place. The unique structure of this setup is for the promotion of shared investments, business, and scientific exchange, all involving poultry and livestock.

A Peek into the Future

Participants at Poultry Expo Riyadh 2024 will be able to learn about different sections such as transport, feed industries, milling of grains, and the newest inventions in animal health. The event guarantees a real glimpse at state-of-the-art procedures and technologies forming the future of the poultry industry.

Why Attend?

  • Networking Opportunities: Link up with the heads of industries, investors, and specialists from diverse regions worldwide.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Get insight into the newest innovations, trends, and practices through seminars and participative sessions.
  • Marketplace for Solutions: Find various products and services covering transportation, feed businesses, milling technologies, and animal health.
  • Policy Impact: Make and put into practice the state food security policies.

Poultry Expo Riyadh 2024 is an exhibition and a time when the industry brings itself under one roof, knowledge sharing brings consensus, and a resilient and flourishing sector is structured. Be with us in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from May 13 – 15, 2024, to participate in a transformative adventure in poultry and animal husbandry.

Joining the Middle East Poultry Expo Riyadh 2024 is an excellent opportunity for companies wanting to increase their influence in the poultry market. Here are some key advantages: If you give a solution as a list in the submission format, the length of the solution will be broadcast to the other processes. In this case, there is an initializing phase where we do not do the broadcasting since we do not know the length.

Global Networking Opportunities:

Businesses can build solid international bonds by networking with over 140 exhibitors from 30 countries worldwide. These engagements can be translated into chances of collaboration, partnership, and global market penetration.

Exposure to Diverse Markets:

With over 6,500 visitors from 54 countries, this exhibition attracts a diverse crowd, enabling us to present the latest products on the market. This exposure allows businesses to recognize and meet the unique requirements of different needs, making them more inclusive and flexible.

Stand Out with Professional Booth Design: 

Two Australians were arrested; one was charged with illicit drug possession, and the other was held pending deportation.

Having an exhibition stand builder in Riyadh will increase the company’s visibility. A well-planned booth is a good attraction for visitors’ footfalls and helps the business gain an edge over the competition, resulting in good marketing.

Brand Recognition in a Key Market:

By ignoring the duplicate values, the secondary key can consist of the unique constructs of whoever is assigned by the case manager.

The Middle East Poultry Expo in Riyadh is a rare occasion to build brand recognition among one of the largest poultry markets in this region. Establishing a solid position in this market is a factor that will ensure long-term triumph and reliability in the industry.

Business Matchmaking Events:

The business matchmaking event of the trade show can be exploited for strategic partnerships and collaborations. Such an approach to networking gives businesses an occasion to interact with similar enterprises, creating strong ties.

Access to Decision-Makers:

Investors, traders, and key decision-makers from government and private sector meetings will enable new opportunities. Creating relationships with influential figures in the field can result in partnerships, investments, and joint ventures.

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