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If you are planning to exhibit your company at the next Moscow international exhibition, you need to make sure that your stand is constructed by the best exhibition stand contractors. Although there are many companies that provide the service, you may have to look outside the city for the best deals. There are a few places that are considered as excellent in this field. Here are a few things you should consider. Once you’ve selected the location, you’ll need to find the right contractor.

First of all, you need to know what you want to achieve from the exhibition. If you are a foreign exhibitor, you’ll want to work with a team that speaks your language. This will make communication easier and avoid any misunderstandings. You also need to decide how much money you want to spend on the stand. In Moscow, you can choose an agency based on your budget. Remember that you should be comfortable with your choice.

How We Work Together

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Idea Exchange

We listen to your ideas and understand your needs.

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3D Design

We make your ideas true in 3D visuals.

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One Platform for all the process and designs.

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Stands transportation facility and national delivery

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Build & Install

We build your stands at the committed time and ensure smooth opening.

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On-Site Management

Our pro technicians supervise all the on-site management.

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Dismantle & Storage

Efficient exhibition-show clean-up and stock management.

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Make sure to discuss your goals and tasks with the agency you hire. Set a clear price range for the work and make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the final result. You can negotiate with the agency about the final cost with them but don’t let them change your specifications or costs. Listen to your gut and choose a company that’s right for you. If you’re not sure, ask yourself if the stand you want is appealing to you. If you’re unsure, seek advice from exhibition stand contractors in Moscow.


Another great thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t underestimate the value of an interesting design solution. If your audience can’t speak your language, you’ll need someone who does. You can hire an experienced team to help you create the perfect stand. A Moscow-based company will design and build your stand. The company’s team will ensure that the exhibition space is both functional and attractive. The stand will become an asset for you, as well as a good place for your brand.

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Standsbay is a Moscow exhibition stand construction company that was founded in 2008. The company provides full-service exhibition solutions in Moscow, including stand design, construction, and storage. Standsbay estimates that it can handle 200 exhibition stands in 13000 sq. m. in its space. They’re known to have a wide range of experience with different types of projects. The Standsbay team has the most innovative design and the best constructions in the area.

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It is also important to discuss the objectives and tasks you have for the exhibition. The agency should be able to meet your needs and goals. The agency should also be able to meet the requirements of their clients. In addition to design and construction, Standsbay is a Moscow-based exhibition stand construction and design company. It estimates that it will build 200 exhibition stands and 13000 sq. m. in space. Its staff is bilingual, and will be able to help you communicate effectively with potential clients.

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