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Filtect Cologne Exhibition

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event

12 Nov – 14 Nov 2024

Venue:Cologne, Germany
filtech cologne

Filtech has become one of the pioneer international expos on filtration, separating, and air-conditioning technology. It gathers everyone from a number of filter manufacturers: automotive, industry machines, chemicals, energy, medicine, etc., which get on the same platform.

Access to the fair as an exhibit gives you a chance to meet a large number of professional customers enquiring about or specifying filtration devices and applications. Filtech 2024 Cologne stands out among the rest with its all-inclusive networking, slowing down sales fading and opening new feedback by creating untapped sales channels.

Fintech is a powerful venue that gives you a chance to present your brand to a wide audience. Your stand should be structured considering your brand precisely as an exhibition company builder in Cologne can help in this regard. We, from Standsbay, will be thinking of crafting a list of reputable contractors in the city. Contact us today!

Benefits of Exhibit at Filtech Cologne 2024 Trade Show:

Exhibiting at Filtech Cologne 2024 offers numerous advantages for your business:

  1. Extensive Industry Presence: Attest to the positive effect of broadened visibility and the explosion of visits, now counting from 400 exhibitors representing Germany and all of Europe in the last edition.
  2. Global Reach: Achieve a wide international coverage sown by the 16.75K visitors from 50+ countries that Filtech 2023 successfully demonstrated.
  3. Product Launch and Visibility: Utilize the platform to introduce new products, array technical capabilities & bring in vital sales leads through actively engaging the attendees around Europe and beyond.
  4. Strategic Networking: Networking takes center stage in terms of forging strategic partnerships with OEMs, suppliers, and distributors, among others, broadening a business network.
  5. Industry Expertise: Give recognition to your expertise by articulating at conferences and presenting seminars in which your brand can be deemed an authority in the sector.
  6. PR Coverage: Rapidly benefit from the coverage in broad media to amplify the exposure of your solutions and interrupt the audiences’ attention so the effects are long-lasting.
  7. Market Insight: Acquire learning experience on the developments that are taking place in the filtration market, changing trends, adoption of regulations, and technological disruptions.
  8. Credibility Boost: Do not forget Filtech, in which you will exhibit your involvement in Filtech and, in such a way, call to action of those who already work with you and inspire them to continue this relationship and even build new business.
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