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Flotte Der Brachentreff 2024

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event

20 Mar – 21 Mar 2024

Venue:Dusseldorf, Germany

Welcome to Flotte! Der Brachentreff, which is the foremost industry exhibition for all things concerning fleet management. This event will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany, on March 20 – 21, 2024 and promises to showcase new products and services that are changing the face of the fleet sector.

At Flotte! Der Brachentreff Dusseldorf 2024, you can find everything related to the automobile industry with a bearing on fleets: from importers and manufacturers through service providers up to leasing companies. If you have been managing fleets for some time or are just venturing into the commercially used vehicles world, this trade show is meant for you.

You should expect to mingle with more than 1200 influential personnel who make decisions regarding their real fleets, as well as interact with over 260 exhibitors. Get deep into workshops and attend specialist lectures, as well as engage in one-on-one colloquies with those professionals shaping the future of fleet management.

Taking part in Flotte! Der Brachentreff fair gives you an opportunity not only to stay ahead of developments but also to gain insights into one of the fastest-growing fleet markets globally. You cannot miss out on this chance to learn about new inventions, build connections with key players in your field and bring your company’s transport operations up a notch.

Take note of these dates and join us at Flotte! Der Brachentreff Dusseldorf 2024. Catch you there!

Benefits of Participating at the Flotte! Der Branchentreff Dusseldorf 2024

Participating in the Flotte! Der Branchentreff Dusseldorf 2024 offers numerous benefits for companies involved in the fleet industry:

Networking Opportunities: Get talking with manufacturers, rent-a-car companies and maintenance providers, ranging from small car owners to large truck fleets operated by different businesses. The reason for this is that the expo is a resource for creating valuable and long-term relationships, including partnership, collaboration, and the achievement of various business tasks.

Access to Key Decision Makers: Accede to top fleet officialdom on a global scale. These engagements give precious information about the market drift, customer demand and production challenges, serving as a window of opportunity to companies, which they can then take advantage of to meet the market needs.

Premier Networking Event: Intern at the largest conference tailored specifically for the fleet company.The Flotte! We at the Düsseldorf Industry Meeting 2024 provide the chance for like-minded people to get together, to talk over and share with the conference they had, to make professional connections and to do the networking.

Knowledge Sharing: Take part in many knowledge-sharing practices such as seminars, workshops and panel discussions. These training sessions broadly make up the essential subjects covering various aspects of the fleet sector including technology advancements, sustainable operation, regulatory updates, and operations efficiency.

Exhibition Showcase: Be the venue to bring your recent products and conquests to life. With the exhibition plan implying more than 270 suppliers, this event provides unequalled visibility and wide coverage to its audience consisting of fleet owners, decision-makers, and operators.

Targeted Audience Reach: Be able to go directly to an extremely tailored audience including owners of a fleet, decision-makers that count in the fleet sector and fleet operators.By exhibiting at Flotte! Dusudeldorf 2024, unlike most other events, the exposition allows business firms to demonstrate their innovations and develop colleagues and potential buyers.


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