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Exhibition Info

IPM Essen 2025

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event

28 Jan – 31 Jan 2025

Venue:Essen, Germany

IPM Essen 2025, which is the most important international exhibition of horticulture, ornamental flowers, and plants that you are preparing for? Being the world’s largest platform for showcasing green industry innovations, IPM Essen provides an exceptional occasion to connect with buyers, industry leaders, and global decision-makers. With over 1500 companies expected to participate in this event, it will be a melting pot of innovative and collaborative minds.

Exhibitors who want to create timeless experiences at IPM Essen 2025 must have a creative exhibition stand design that makes them stand out from the crowd. For climate change challenges tackling products and methods enhancing sustainable horticulture, your booth becomes your stage where you bring forth these products and solutions.

At Standsbay, we know that well-thought-out designs can help capture people’s attention as well as leave a lasting impression at exhibitions. This is why we are here to help you find the right exhibition stand builder in Essen who will turn your ideas into reality.

Just post your query on Standsbay, and we’ll link you up to five high-end exhibition stand builders who can make a design that is customized according to your specific requirements. Whether you want a sleek and modern style or prefer something more old-fashioned and eco-friendly, our builders are skilled and imaginative enough to turn your dreams into reality.

When using Standsbay, be sure to receive reasonable quotes from verified experts who are driven towards top quality and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss this chance to boost your recognition at IPM Essen 2025 while also expressing your passion for innovation and sustainability in the horticultural sector. Post your query today on Standsbay as the first step towards securing a lasting memory at this prestigious event.

Benefits of Participating at IPM Essen 2025

Get ready to know about all the aspects of IPM Essen2025 trusted the exclusivity of their exhibition.Here’s why:

Global Networking Opportunities: The IPM Essen 2025 with 1500 exhibitors from 45 countries is unquestionably a world-class stage for farmers, buyers and global key players in the business to meet, network, and form new partnerships all over the world. The diverse mobile of people is priceless networking source which promotes the development of partnerships as well as alliances geared towards guiding business transformations and innovation.

Exposure to a Wide Audience: Display your goods and services to over a 54,000+ PR visitors market. The exhibition gives us excellent visibility that helps us acquire new customers, investors and those distributors as well. From the stage where you launch a new product to one where you intend to spread your market reach, IPM Essen gives a good runway to gain the attention and generate leads.

Meaningful Conversations: Participate in the interesting debates and conversations that are conducted and shared by your fellow attendees, as well as, the key note speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders. IPM Essen 2025 is not just a display of products. IPM is a hub, a place where one can explore and share knowledge and experiences. The best way to exploit this dynamic environment is to learn from others, share best practices, and discover new areas where you could cooperate or partner with others.

Insights into Cutting-Edge Technologies: Make every effort to stay abreast of the revolutionary claims and reality of the latest technologies without missing the last train. In view of this you’ll have to look forward, check the future and the present technology topics at IPM Essen 2025. Automation alongside sustainability involving water and energy saving, waste reduction, and sustainability projects are some of the major factors which the exhibition has covered extensively. Get awareness of new technologies, methods, and strategies that will help you to increase your output level, reduce cost and labour while being environmentally efficient throughout the production cycle.
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