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Metpack Essen 2026

The region's premier trade, professional and consumer event

15 May – 18 May 2026

Venue:Essen, Germany

Here we come at METPACK Expo 2026, the place where future technological solutions come together with the environmental friendliness of metal packaging. As one of the largest exhibitions for this industry, METPACK not only provides a platform for exhibitors to demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions but also helps metal packaging companies take the cost and environmentally friendly ways.

From 2nd to 6th May, Messe Essen of Germany will be again the venue of the innovation leaders and creative minds from production, polishing, paint coating, and even recycling metal wrapping. As our exhibitors have always been invested in championing sustainable global solutions, the exhibitions serve the twin purposes of aiding businesses to thrive and preserving the health of the planet.

At METPACK 2026 Expo Essen, visitors will try out many kinds of technologies that are used to sustainably upcycle metal packaging. METPACK introduces the latest paint coatings via specialized coating techniques and offers solutions for the reduction and effective closure method of gas and oil cans by setting the trend of positive developments in the whole industry.

In addition to that, Techpack expo 2026 (small-sized breather) has technology as a facet with all the recent developments in production-containment technology in the sector of production-related accessories and supplies. If you aim to achieve higher-level efficiency in your packaging processes or explore the variety of recycling options, METPACK has solutions for every need you may have.

Come visit us at METPACK Expo 2026 and become a part one a bigger movement towards a greener planet and healthier environment. United, we will be able to create an earth with architecture and green practices equally working towards each other.

What are the Advantages of Participating in METPACK 2026 Essen?

Participating in METPACK 2026 Essen offers numerous advantages for businesses in the metal packaging sector:

Networking Opportunities: METPACK is a new and different unique place where exhibitors can meet with international clients from around the world, and stakeholders as well as investors they might be interested in presenting themselves to. This gives the companies an opportunity to broaden the scope of their contacts and build useful links through the economic sector.

Showcase Innovation: Participating in the METPACK platform for companies means being able to share brand-new developments and products in metal packaging. Such exposures can notably grant the opportunity to announce renowned product innovations on a global scale.

Visibility and Brand Exposure: Through the participation of over seven thousand expo attendees, the businesses have a chance to boost their visibility and reach by gaining new leads and contacts. A high-quality exhibition stand helped to draw attention and to leave a good reminder in people about possible clients and partners, or even competitors.

Access to Key Decision-Makers: It is to be noted that various individuals at the METPACK come from key organizations and management. So, it opens a chance for the companies to discuss with the interested parties, investigate possible deals of collaborations, and negotiate new commercial deals as well.

Knowledge Exchange and Problem-Solving: The METPACK conferences cover the discussions and present awards, which are based on the problems in the metal packaging. Having a role in these outstanding events supports the business in acquiring important data and sharing knowledge, and it allows the application of problem-solving efforts.

Stay Updated with Industry Trends: The time businesses spend at METPACK always brings them and enables them to be aware of the cutting-edge in the market, the most advanced and latest trends, and the breakthrough technological progress. Revealing factors that can be decisive for strategic steps and thereby keeping ahead of competitors with this knowledge is what one can take home after this revelation.


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